Go beyond
the waves

Efforts to build a wide variety of ships that meet customer needs without specializing in ship types
Since our founding, we have been building a wide variety of vessels that our customer needs,
without limiting the types of vessels.

Construction that emphasizes
needs without specializing
in ship types

Our building results are not limited to cargo ships and tankers,
but also include gas ships and other special ships.
In recent years, we have been building vessels that are in line with the times, as Japan's first "coastal LNG carrier" and "LNG fuel coastal cargo ship" .

Respond to prompt regulations,
consider the environment

Our company has been and will continue to build ships that meet the needs of customers, the environment, and society from all perspectives, while incorporating new technologies.



Ship development efforts to strengthen SDGs, environmental regulations and zero emissions.
From the perspective of SDGs, we are promoting continuous zero-emission activities not only at the manufacturing site but also throughout the company.
We are working on the development of vessels that meet environmental needs from the tightening of environmental regulations and zero emission activities.
Construction of "Noise Regulation Vessel" * 1 "Eco Ship" Hi-Max-Eco Series) * 2 ", the first coastal vessel * 1 Acquired "NVC (Noise and Vibration Comfort)", the first shipyard in Japan to be listed as a ship class of Nippon Kaiji Kyokai in the category of near sea trading vessel.
* 2 Significant reduction in fuel consumption. Clear CO2 emission regulation EEDI (Phase3)
Development and construction of the first LNG fueled ship for domestic cargo ships in response to the development of zero-emission ships.