CSR Activities

We, HSB, have developed various CSR activities in the belief that an enterprise should not only pursue profit but also comply with the law, realize social fairness, pay attention to the environment and contribute to society. We have set up the “Committee for CSR Activities” to administrate all the CSR activities comprehensively so that each activity can be conducted effectively and efficiently.

Occupational Safety & Health

We have stipulated the requirements for Occupational Safety & Health Management in shipbuilding operations in order to secure the safety and health of all the workers under HSB’s control. At the same time, we have been making serious efforts to create and maintain a good working environment for them. As part of these efforts, we obtained OHSAS18001 certificate, an international standard of Occupational Safety & Health Management System, in September 2010.

Environment Policy

In order to realize the catch phrase of “Earth-friendly HSB”, the management is eager to raise environmental awareness among the employees and tackles the issue of how to save natural resources and energy. As part of the efforts, we obtained an ISO14001 certificate and laid down its own “Environment Policy”.
Practices for the improvement and protection of the environment
●Acquisition of ISO14001 certificate
HSB obtained ISO14001, an international standard concerning Environment Management System, in Sept. 2001.
●Substitution of overland transport with marine transport
In an attempt to save natural resources and reduce the emission of CO2, we substitute overland transport with marine transport as much as possible.
●Noise Regulation at Factory
We have established our own noise control standard based on our all-out survey and make efforts to lessen and control factory noise.
State of the marine transport

Quality Policy

We obtained ISO9001 certificate, an international standard of Quality Management System, in March 2000 in an attempt to improve the quality of every ship we build. We have established a framework of high quality control and are making efforts to build ships with high economic efficiency. We have also established our own Quality Policy so as to further improve the quality of our products.

Activity to Contribute the Local

Imabari city, which is centrally located in Seto Inland Sea area, has grown as a hub of marine transportation since ancient times. The city is now known as one of the most successful maritime cities where enterprises related to marine transport and shipbui lding cluster. We would like to contribute to the development and vitalization of the area by conducting and participating in community activities and events.