Greetings from president

Hiroaki Higaki - President


Japan is a maritime nation surrounded by the sea, especially Imabari City where our company is located is one of the leading maritime cities in Japan. There are maritime industries such as shipbuilding, shipping, ship-owners, ship machinery and equipment industry and so on accumulated, and it has deep relationship with the ocean. In Japan, both marine transport and shipbuilding have developed as main industries since early times, providing the livelihood of the people. At the moment, however, Japanese shipbuilding industry is facing difficulties because of the recent global economic depression and increasing competitiveness of the neighboring countries. In order to survive this situation, we need to improve the shipbuilding facilities, increase productivity, and cultivate excellent human resources. Moreover, we are required to build “Earth-friendly ships” with due considerations given to the environment and “Eco-ship” which can save energy. Now is the time for us to go back to our original motto; “Shipbuilding which can meet the needs of the times” and make our best efforts to build, repair and/or renovate ships. We believe our hard work can directly affect the streamlining of physical distributions system and the protection of the environment. We also have a strong intention to promote the local economy and create jobs through the cooperation with the associated companies and local residents. We shall greatly appreciate your continuous support and kindness.

Business Creed

  1. The business enterprise should keep going strong.
  2. The business enterprise should provide welfare to the employees.
  3. The business enterprise should serve society.

Management Policy

We shall make our best efforts to build ships which can meet the needs of the times.
We shall develop and prosper together with those who support us.