Technological Capability of HSB

Technological capability and the features
  •  We conduct our business focusing on our customers, with the motto of “Prospering together with our customers” in mind.
  •  We strive to further enhance our technological capabilities based on our extensive experience of building as many as 700 ships.
  •  Such shipbuilding experience makes us capable of constructing various kinds of ships up to 25,000DWT such as cargo ships, LPG carriers, LNG carriers and chemical tankers.
  •  Under our high quality management system certified by ISO9001, we guarantee to build ships with high economic efficiency and deliver them on time.
  •  In an effort to live up to our motto “Earth-friendly HSB”, we obtained ISO14001 certificate, and are constantly working on the protection and improvement of the environment.
By making the most of our state-of-art computer system andprogressive creativity, we commit ourselves to creating ships withhigh economic efficiency which can meet the needs of the times.
Shipbuilding is said to be the ultimate form of empirical engineering,in other words, accumulated craftsmanship through a long history.We make best use of such craftsmanship as well as up-to-date technological knowledge to create ships with high economic efficiency.
Shipbuilding is a typical integrated assembly industry. On the field site of shipbuilding, our associated companies, affiliated companies and our workers come together to combine their technological capabilities and know-how to complete a ship successfully. By the same token, good coordination among all the internal departments is essential to enhance the efficiency of shipbuilding.