Innovative technology development

Larger vessel
Higaki Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. had a berth extension work and completed in March 2015.
We therefore correspond to build vessels up to 16,000 G/T (25,000D/W) and shallow draft that has been increasing demands by wide hull. We can build various kinds of ships such as cargo ships, LPG carriers, LNG carriers, chemical tankers and so on.
Products: SNo-701 (Delivery: December 2015)
We have developed and built a eco-ship that is the first in shipbuilding industry as a coastal service cargo. The eco-ship was able to reduce fuel consumption by adopting a small caliber electronically controlled engine, it was the first time in a coastal service cargo. Moreover, the ship model has improved to reduce the wave resistance after verifying the bow shape by CFD (Numerical fluid dynamics). In addition, the propeller efficiency is raised by the best setting the main machine output and rotation speed for hull / propeller.
As the results of that we succeeded in reducing fuel consumption by 20% and we were able to clear the EEDI regulation Phase 3 which is the CO2 emission regulation with enforced from 1st January, 2025. The vessel is ordered repeatedly as "Hi-Max-Eco" series.
Products: SNo-685 (Delivery: February 2014) and others
The protected vessel against noise and vibration
We have developed and built a countermeasures vessel for the noise regulation that is also the first in shipbuilding industry as a coastal service cargo.
The vessel cleared the inboard noise level that required by IMO (International Maritime Organization)’s revised shipboard noise code (noise regulation).
The vessel has acquired Class NK's classification note "Noise and Vibration Comfort (NVC)" which is given to a vessel that is comply with certain requirements of noise and vibration. It is the first time as a domestic shipyard.
It has been said that the noise control of the coastal service cargo is very difficult, because the coastal service cargo’s space is limited and it is too difficult to separate the engine room of the noise source from the residential area.
However, we had be able to build a vessel that can suppress the noise while keeping the arrangement of the residential area, because the vessel had adopted equipment that is protected against noise and vibration (adoption of anti-vibration rubber for generator, etc.), and adopted enforcing damping material, sound insulation material, sound absorbing material in the section above the engine room.
Products: SNo-706 (Delivery: March 2016)